This is not just a story of our times; it is a story about our times. Pieces of life portraying a story that many people of my generation are living, hace lived or will live out: the drama of long distance relationships. Fragments of fragmented love.   

When I left Barcelona some years ago to move to Los Angeles, I had to go thorugh the difficult experience of living far away from many people I love. Nonetheless, I was lucky enough to be able to share the process with friends that were going or had gone through the same experience. Little by little, these stories started to take shape in my mind and the characters of Alexandra and Sergi were born, emodying the uncertanities, the inability to sacrifice and the general confusion of a generation in crisis. 


This doesn't pretend to be a film about "good and bad", but small protrait of the difficulties of building a life together, of what to do with love that is still alive in a relationship that seems destined to fail. For Sergi, Alex represents the end of a long road. Alex, on the contrary, needs the continuous excitement of the journey itself. How do we come to accept that a relationship can't sustain itself on love alone?   


This film also aims to be an exploration of how the technology that brings us instant communication with the other side of the world implies the birth of a new way of relating to one another. For the first time, the basic tools of cinema itself, cameras and screens (webcameras and computer screens) become not just a way to portray the wolrd, but also a means of communication between one another. Cinema finally places itself between us. The quandaries of cinema expand to everyday life: What happens off-camera over an online conversation? How do we present ourselves on-screen? What is our self-imposed mise-en-scene? How does that new filter affect our dialogue? Emails, chats, time difference. Screens inside screens and technologies that blur the border between the future and present. However, facing someone will never be the same as facing the image of someone. The technology that was introduced to us as the ultimate communication tool reveals its dark side. There is no substitute for love's dearest senses: touch and smell.  


Our intention is to reflect upon this means of communication by creating the sense that we are witnessing life and explore this new way of relating to one another by coming face-to-face with vivid moments instead of rehashing intellectual premises, thus transporting the audience through a raw experience that Emily Dickinson described so well when she wrote:  


Surgeons must be very careful                     

When they take the knife!                    

Under their fine incisions                                

                  Stirs the Culprit – Life!                                       





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