Jordi Sargatal. Defense Campaign promoter and first director of the Park.

Ramon Folch. Environmental communicator and editor of "Debate Costa Brava".

Xavier Rubert de Ventós. Philosopher. Signer of the Manifesto for the protection of the wetlands.
Juli Esteban. Economist and Development specialist.
Jordi Pujol. Ex-President of Generalitat de Catalunya.
Sergi Romero. Current director of the Park.
Santiago Anglada. Lawyer for the legal defense campaign.
Toni Llovet. Cartoonist and naturalist.
Vicenç Junçà. Old fisherman and poacher.
Josep Maria Cullell. Minister of Territorial Politics and Public Works from 1980 until 1983.
Narcís Serra. Minister of Territorial Politics and Public Works from 1977 until 1979.
Josep Espigolé. Member of the defense campaign, 2nd Nature Park Director and current head of Environmental Education.

Martí Boada. Environmental Comunicator.
Josep del Hoyo. Doctor, communicator and co-author of the Handbook of the Birds of the World.
Rosa Llinàs. Active member of the defense campaign and the current documentary PNAE.
Esteve Ripoll. Deputy Mayor of Castelló d'Empúries during the 70s.
Ricard Masó, Esteve Tomàs and Lluís Medir. Presented the project to Parliament.
Arcadio de Senillosa. Owner of much of the lands inside the Park.
Francesc Giró. Environmental activist.
Ponç Feliu. Ornithologist and environmental activist.


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