Born in Figueres (Girona) 1983, Lluís Galter graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (2001-2005) and won a scholarship to complete his studies at the School of Film and Television in Prague. There, in 2007, he directed two documentaries (Kapr and Berlin, new symphony in 326 postcards) that were exhibited at the Vrije Akademie in Hague (Transart V itinerating project, 2005) and at the Museum of Contemporary Art from Tallinn (Estonia). During his third year of University Lluís directed another documentary (The radius of Kirk Douglas) that was exhibited by Television of Catalonia in the Taller.doc (2005) program. In 2007, the DVD distributor Intermedio entrusted him a short film (Airón’s example) in tribute to the filmmaker Shohei Imamura in order to include it in the Spanish edition "Cinéma, de notre temps".


His project for the feature film “Caracremada” was offered the grant Agita from Figueres City Council which involved the collaboration of the Council of Culture and Arts (CoNCA), the City Council of Berga, Barcelona’s Provincial Council, Girona’s Council, the Democratic Memorial, the Exile Museum of Jonquera and the University Pompeu Fabra, among others. The production started by Cultural Association Passos Llargs and was co-produced by Mallerich Films - Paco Poch and Cromosoma. To it’s international premiere the film was selected for the 67th Venice Film Festival (Orizzonti section) and was presented and awarded in several international film festivals around the world (San Sebastian, Thessalonika, Cuenca, New York, Gothenburg, Linz, St. Petersburg, Munich...). "Caracremada" also got the prestigious RTVE Sant Jordi Award for Best Opera Prima 2011.


After directing one of the pieces of the documentary "69/78 Prescrit”, produced by the Democratic Memorial and coordinated by Pompeu Fabra University, Lluís is now in pre-production of the feature documentary "The Substance", one of the projects selected by the Biennale Cinema College from Venice Film Festival and co-produced by the Master in Creative Documentary from Pompeu Fabra University.