On October 3, 1940 Lluís Companys is transferred from the General Direction of Security in Madrid to the Castell de Montjuic in Barcelona. One month and five days earlier, during his exile in the already occupied France, Companys is captured by the nazis and handed over to the Francoist authorities.


Lluís Orgaz, General Captain of Catalonia, is very angry. Not only has been entrusted him the task of leading the process against Companys, but that it has to do it fast, at the express request of warlord. Orgaz task is very upset, "hot death" that must be addressed in the best way that it can be. For him, Companys is a nuisance, a stone in the shoe; they had already been able to shoot the Nazi or Franco's police on the border of Hendaye. But no, they send him. And what he does not want, for anything in the world, is to turn him into a martyr. He will try to take it all in secret, afraid of possible reprisals.


Meanwhile, in Barcelona's Eixample, the lawyer and Artillery Captain Ramon Colubí and his wife, Mercedes Recoder González, ignore Companys presence in the city. But very soon, after receiving a very mysterious "reserved", Colubi discovers his new mission; to be Companys lawyer. But, how can you defend a man who, among other things, was responsible for the death of your brother? Despite the ideological differences that separate them and the hate felt , Colubi will do their job as best as possible.


When the presence of his brother in town arrives to Ramona Companys, a woman of courage, she moves heaven and earth to try to find him. Woman of convictions and deeply Catholic, although not in communion with the ideas of her she will until the end to get his brother to leave this life in peace.


On October 15, 1940 Lluís Companys was executed after a summary trial where the impartiality ruled by his absence. Companys, calm, serene, accepts his fate, accepting his status as martyr.




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