Amics per sempre


Barcelona, summer 1992. Glorious times for everybody… Everybody but Carles, the owner of the last beach bar in the Barceloneta. In debt, with no clients, just divorced and about to loose the family business and the love to her teenage daughter, he is having a streak of bad luck. In an desperate attempt to sort out his situation, Carles improvises a brilliant lie that soon will become his worst nightmare. He makes up, no more no less than Michael Jordan, his daughter’s idol, will be eating in his beach bar just after finishing the Olympics.


Soon, Mariluz, a reformed ex-crook converted into the beach bar cook, spreads out the news around the neighbourhood. Trapped by his own lie, Carles will try to make her daughter’s dream a reality and will do everything he can to get in touch with Air Jordan and make the basketball star come to the bar. His relationship with Sara depends completely on it, and him and Mariluz will set up the most hilarious and and bizarre plans ever imaginable to make it possible. An extraordinary adventure with the Olympics as the background.

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